3 Factors That Can Affect TV Bracket Installation Cost


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After purchasing a television for their home, some individuals and families in Singapore want to ensure that it is mounted securely on the wall. This can be done by selecting the right type of TV bracket for the television based on its requirements, size, and weight. Additionally, it’s also important to consider the factors that can affect the cost of a TV bracket installation. By doing so, you can plan your budget ahead of time. 

Below are the factors that can affect the cost of TV bracket installation:


TV Bracket Type 

There are many popular types of TV brackets in Singapore that meet the requirements of most TV owners. Usually, these brackets are classified according to their type – with the fixed bracket being the simplest and most inexpensive. TV buyers who require more flexibility in the angle of the TV can purchase tilt TV brackets or adjustable/movable TV brackets. These allow greater flexibility but are also more expensive. 

When choosing the best type of TV bracket in Singapore, keep in mind that the various types of brackets also differ in terms of durability, finish, fixing arrangement, dimensions, quality, and warranty offered. In addition, well-built TV brackets are likely to cost more than brackets built with substandard materials. 


TV Size


Another main factor affecting the cost of a TV bracket installation is the television’s size. Most TV bracket manufacturers specify the television size and weight range a specific bracket can support. This helps to prevent common TV bracket installation issues from occurring. 

Normally, the weight of a TV is directly proportional to its size which means that the largest TVs are also the heaviest. The safety of a TV bracket for this kind of television is only guaranteed if it’s built with sturdy material and a more complicated design. However, it will cost more than other brackets as a result. 


Budget and Labor Costs For TV Bracket Installation


Anyone who wants to enjoy the advantages of installing a TV bracket should plan their budget to include labor costs. The cost of installation and labor required often depends on the type of bracket and the size of the TV. Thus, it’s important to know which TV bracket you need for your television

If the TV is small and is to be mounted with a fixed bracket, the installation may be easier and only require one professional. In contrast, installing a TV bracket for a television that is very large and heavy might require more than one staff. This in turn will cost more. The cost of TV bracket installation will also depend on the equipment the installer uses.


Engage Vigor TV Bracket Singapore For Reliable TV Bracket Installation Services 

Safety and efficiency are among the reasons you should engage a professional to install your TV bracket. As such, homeowners who require a TV bracket installation service should consider hiring Vigor TV Bracket as we are one of the most reputed TV bracket installers in Singapore. Our well trained and experienced staff have the skills and equipment necessary to complete your TV bracket installation safely and efficiently. They can also guide you on where to install your TV bracket.



Before having a TV bracket installed, you should take note of some factors that can affect its cost. Various types of TV brackets are priced differently with the fixed bracket being the most affordable. It’s also vital to know your television’s size as a TV bracket installation for heavy televisions tends to be more expensive. Besides that, you should also consider the amount of labor that might be required to install your bracket. The lesser the number of people are required to do the installation, the more affordable it will be. For efficient TV bracket installation services, contact Vigor TV Bracket. 


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