3 Most Popular Types of TV Brackets In Singapore


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Since most people spend their free time watching television (TV), they will usually purchase the best TV that they can afford. That said, some homeowners have older TV models that just need to be placed on a stand or a suitable table. In the last decade, however, improvements in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce flat screen TVs that are light in weight. Most of these can be installed on the wall via a TV bracket installation

In order to know which TV bracket you need for your TV, you will need to know information such as your television’s size, holes, and weight. If you install the wrong type of TV bracket, you might face issues requiring much time and money to resolve. It is also recommended that you engage professional TV bracket services as they can help to recommend the right TV bracket based on your requirements as well as provide installation services.

Here are the most popular types of TV brackets in Singapore:


Fixed TV Bracket


A fixed TV bracket is the simplest way to mount a television and is usually the most affordable. For this type of TV bracket installation, the position of the television is fixed in one direction. Additionally, the television won’t protrude too much from the wall and not take up too much space. It’s advisable though to consult all members of your household before choosing this bracket as it will prevent you from repositioning your television.

It is also necessary to consider whether installing a fixed TV bracket will allow you to easily access or adjust your television’s cables and connectors. Moreover, you should ensure that it should be suitable for the size of your television as it will support all its weight. 


Tilting TV Bracket


Most homeowners would prefer to be able to change the angle of their television especially when it is placed high on the wall. This is because the screen tends to only be visible from one particular angle and is difficult to see for those watching from ground level. In this case, it is better to purchase a tilting TV bracket. With a tilting TV bracket, you can easily adjust the angle of your TV downward for better visibility. Since its design is more complicated however, it will be more costly to install compared to a fixed TV bracket.

Like other TV brackets, a tilting TV bracket should also be selected according to the size, weight, and model number of your television. This will help prevent any common TV bracket installation issues from occurring. After the technician has installed the bracket, it’s advised to test it properly and ensure that it is functioning as required. Normally, this bracket is installed in the bedroom where family members can watch television before sleeping. However, it can also be installed in rooms where guests and other family members like to watch television together for entertainment.


Swivel TV Bracket 


There are many homes which have multiple seating areas or have a television in the corner of the room. In either scenario, it would need to be heavily adjusted so that it’s visible to everyone. To ensure this, it is better to install a swivel TV bracket. Although this bracket has a design similar to a tilting bracket, it is actually much more versatile. It specifically allows all household members to extend, rotate, tilt, and swivel their television so it provides a better view.

In addition to the basic swivel brackets which move in only one direction, there are also variants which allow the television to be moved vertically or tilted in different directions. Installing TV brackets like these is often done by those who like to watch television while working in the kitchen or having breakfast. 



To know which type of TV bracket is best for you, you will need to consider the following. If you want to have a TV bracket installation done for the sole purpose of wall mounting your television, you can go for a fixed TV bracket. This prevents the television from protruding too much from the wall and allows it to be positioned in just one direction. On the other hand, you should go for a tilting TV bracket if your television is positioned high on the wall, and you need to tilt it downward. Lastly, a swivel TV bracket is more essential if you want your television to be visible from multiple parts of the room.

Whichever TV bracket you choose, contact Vigor TV Bracket to install it for you. We have skilled and experienced professionals who can recommend the best type of TV bracket based on your needs and ensure that the TV bracket is positioned securely and properly during installation. As a result, you’ll not have to worry about damage to your walls or television.


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