4 Common Issues When Installing A TV Bracket


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The highly advanced televisions of this era were designed to be feature-rich, lightweight and wall-mountable. If you’ve recently purchased a large flat-screen TV, you’ll want to mount it on the wall to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. In order to do that, you have to install a TV bracket on the wall.

It may look like an easy task but it can be quite challenging. Here are several issues you will likely face when installing a TV bracket.


Wall Stud Location

Drilling a hole anywhere on the wall may damage the hidden electrical wiring or create a big crack inside the wall. The process of wall-mounting a flat-screen TV starts with finding a stud, as it requires a sturdy and durable stud to host the TV bracket. Finding studs on a wall can be a complicated process. Therefore it is recommended for you to rely on professional handymen from Vigor TV Bracket Singapore to handle the TV Bracket installation.


VESA Mount Confusion


One of the mistakes to avoid when mounting a TV is not knowing the right VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mount size. Many people don’t even know what a VESA mount is. Which is why it is good to do some research and read some TV bracket blogs to learn more about why VESA TV mounting sizes matter when installing a TV mount. 

For the uninitiated, the VESA mount is a guide to describe the mounting hole position at the back of the TV. The VESA specifications of your TV Bracket should match that of your TV (or vice versa) so that the TV can be mounted properly. A mismatch means that the TV and the TV bracket are incompatible with each other.


TV Bracket Levelling


The installation of a TV Bracket requires drilling, which is an irreversible process. Additionally, it may not be feasible to drill a new hole in close proximity to the old one since it compromises the structural integrity. As a result, a failure to ensure that the TV bracket is level before installation can render that installation point unusable. If you do not have access to a levelling tool, or are not confident in installing your TV Bracket properly, contact a professional handyman to do this job for you.


Cable Management


If you are looking to establish a minimalistic look, you may want to ensure that your TV Bracket is mounted in such a way that allows you to conceal the cables nicely. Additionally, the cables connecting to the TV may interfere with the moving parts of your TV Bracket if it is not managed properly.



There are advantages of installing a TV bracket in Singapore and it might appear to be an easy task, but there is a lot more to do than just simply drilling a hole on the wall to hang your TV on. When drilling holes on the wall, you must be careful to not hit any electrical wiring when doing so. Also, you must be informed of the VESA size to safely and perfectly hang your TV. It is important to also check first the leveling of the TV bracket before hanging the TV to avoid having to do the entire installation process all over again. Lastly, one of the common issues when installing a TV bracket is having to deal with cables and wires. It is not always easy to arrange cords and cables perfectly and that’s why it is a big problem.

If you don’t want to deal with all these issues and mount your TV perfectly on the wall, you should work with a trusted handyman service provider in Singapore. Vigor TV Bracket provides fast support for TV bracket installation and charges reasonable prices for quality handyman services.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Handyman Singapore.

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