5 Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting A TV In Singapore


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There are a lot of reasons why you should mount your TV. Ultimately, a TV mount serves to improve the viewing experience of the viewers by adjusting its motion or tilt to the desired angle of the owner. The rising demand causes many TV manufacturers to quickly hop onto the rising trend of designing space-saving mountable TVs on walls.  Not a lot of TV owners consider installing a TV wall mount, which makes them likely to make mistakes when trying to mount one. This article discusses the common mistakes that TV owners encounter when mounting a TV and what appropriate measures they can do to ensure a quality TV mount installation. 


Not Choosing the Right Kind of TV Wall Mount

Not many TV owners are knowledgeable about the different types of TV wall mounts. Because of this, they often end up not choosing the correct type of wall mount that satisfies their needs. For example, a fixed wall mount does not allow the TV owner to change the TV angle, position, and even height. In this case, a swivel TV wall mount would be ideal for the owner. Replacing a TV wall mount can be costly. That is why it is recommended that one checks out informative articles about the right wall mount for your TV before investing in it.

The size and weight of the TV are also very important factors to consider when choosing a wall mount. The main concern is to ensure that the wall mount can securely carry the weight of the TV. The TV may fall off if installed with a wall mount that’s not appropriate for its size and weight. Thus, it is highly recommended to determine the actual dimensions and weight of the TV before choosing a type of wall mount. 


Not Following the VESA Dimensions

Many TV owners are unaware of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The VESA is a standard mounting format that dictates the hole pattern on the back of TV displays. This entails the spacing between mounting holes, the maximum weight that it can hold, and even the size of screws that will be used for mounting. The VESA Dimensions of your TV mount should match that of the TV.


Not Accounting For Different Wall Types


Different wall types can also account for whether it’s possible for your TV to be mounted on a wall. Unfortunately, some wall types such as drywall, partition wall, or just about any wall that is hollow on the inside cannot support the weight of the TV Wall Mount and the TV. Missing this factor may lead to damaging the TV from falling. Thus, it is important to identify the type of wall you have first to determine if it can hold the weight of your TV wall mount and the TV. Not identifying your wall type is a mistake you should avoid when installing a TV wall mount. You may also contact a professional TV wall mount service company like Vigor TV Bracket to guide you through this. 


Not Considering Installation Height


Aside from the size and weight, height should also be considered in installing a tv bracket or wall mount. Determining the height depends on how the owners would want their viewing experience to be. Experts recommend the standard 42-inch center height from the floor to the middle of your TV which is the eye-level height while seated. However, you may still go beyond the recommended measurement depending on your viewing habit. Once the height has been identified, a wall plate will be provided to properly align the holes that will be drilled for the wall mount. 


Not Engaging Professional TV Wall Mount Installation Services


Trying to DIY your own TV wall mount installation may cause more harm than good. Without the proper knowledge, experience, and tools to do it, you may inadvertently damage your TV, resulting in additional costs. In this case, it is recommended to have trained TV mount installers such as the Vigor TV Bracket to work on your TV quickly and effectively. 



There are several factors we need to take into account when mounting a TV. This includes the TV size, TV weight, wall type, and height of installment. Not considering these may cause your TV to fall off which is something any TV owner would never want to happen. To avoid this, it is best to engage professional technicians from a reputable service company like the Vigor TV Bracket to ensure the best quality of your TV wall mount installment. 

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