5 Reasons Why Installing a TV Wall Mount is Better Than A TV Stand


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People that are considering buying a new television in Singapore will spend a lot of time researching how to support them as this is a significant investment. A few decades ago, TV stands were the norm for supporting a TV. However, with advances in technology, people are now preferring to have a TV wall mount installed by professional TV bracket services instead. This is because of the many advantages that wall mounts have over TV stands which we will discuss in detail below.


It Saves More Space

One of the main reasons why you should wall mount your TV is its flexibility in terms of space since it is mounted on the wall. It is ideal for smaller homes where floor space is limited. Once you install a TV wall mount, you’ll not have to worry about your home looking cluttered as would happen with a TV stand. Among the many space-saving types of TV brackets is an adjustable/movable TV bracket. This can retract when needed whenever you need to hang more decor on your wall.


It Provides More Comfort and Convenience 


Besides floor space, there are many factors to be considered when it comes to the proper location for a TV stand. As such, it can be quite tedious. In contrast, choosing where to install your TV bracket is much easier as you can pick virtually any location due to walls having more space. You can even change your TV’s orientation easily if you buy a bracket like a swivel TV bracket. This way, you can watch it from any angle.


It Has More Design Flexibility


When a TV stand is used, it’s usually placed on the sofa’s opposite side in the living room. Although this helps to make your viewing experience more comfortable, you won’t be able to adjust the TV’s position. This is because it could fall if you try to adjust the TV stand. An advantage of installing a TV bracket is it allows you to adjust the television to any desired position whether you decide to go with a tilting TV bracket or swivel TV bracket. Both of these are highly recommended as they are among the 3 most popular types of TV brackets in Singapore



Children and pets can easily reach TV stands because of their low height. This means that there’s a high risk of them pushing the TV by accident and injuring themselves. As such, it is advisable to install a TV at a safe height. Compared to a TV stand, a TV bracket is safer because it can be placed at a much higher position. This will significantly reduce the possibility of accidental damage to the TV and injury to your children or pets.



Although there are many factors that can affect a TV bracket installation cost, a TV bracket is generally cheaper than buying a TV stand because of its smaller size. TV stands tend to be more expensive because they are larger than wall mounts and are considered a piece of furniture. Because of this, many TV buyers opt to buy a TV bracket to save money.


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DIY TV bracket installation should only be considered when you’re unable to contact professional TV bracket services. Engaging a professional as they are equipped with the latest equipment, experience, and skills that will allow them to install the TV bracket more efficiently and safely. If you’re looking for reliable TV bracket services in Singapore, feel free to contact Vigor TV Bracket. We can guide you on how to find which TV bracket you need and perform the installation for you at a reasonable price.



There are many reasons why installing a TV wall mount is a better option than buying a TV stand. Firstly, it effectively saves space by being mounted on the wall instead of occupying a large portion of your floor. It is also safer since you eliminate the risk of it toppling over. Installing a TV wall mount also provides comfort and convenience and can easily be adjusted for your viewing pleasure. They also have much greater design flexibility and are more affordable. If you’re looking for high-quality TV brackets, check out Vigor TV Bracket’s products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any assistance in choosing the right TV bracket for you.


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