5 Steps For Removing Your Old TV Bracket Before Installing A New One


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Are you planning for a new TV bracket installation in your home or office? Before you can do that, you need to remove the old TV bracket. Removing the old one might seem like a daunting task, but it can be quite simple if you follow these five steps below.


Step 1 – Disconnect All Wires


Before you begin moving or dismantling your TV, it’s crucial to disconnect all cables that are attached to it. This includes HD cables, console cables, sound system cables, and power cables, if applicable. Check and feel around the back of your TV to ensure that you have unplugged all cables. Leaving cables attached can increase the risk of accidents during the movement of your TV, as they may get caught on obstacles or restrict the movement of your screen. Therefore, you should make sure to have good cable management when installing a TV bracket as it is one of the common issues of TV bracket installation.

Once you’ve disconnected all cables, remove any screws or bolts holding the bracket in place on the wall carefully. Take care not to damage any surrounding areas while removing the old bracket from the wall.


Step 2 – Remove The Protective Component

Typically, there is a protective component that secures the TV to the mount. This may be a pin or elongated plate that passes through a slot or opening in the bracket. Carefully remove this from the bracket. Alternatively, you can trust a TV wall mount installation service as this is also part of their job.


Step 3 – Detach The TV From The Mount


One of the reasons why you should engage professionals to install your TV bracket is they know all of the proper procedures. It’s not advisable to lift a TV off its mount by yourself, especially if it’s a large and heavy model. You could end up damaging the TV or even injuring yourself. Instead, ask someone to help you when lifting the TV off its mount. Remember to hold the bottom part of the TV and tilt it towards you. Before lifting, be sure to check if your existing TV mount has a safety catch or lock before attempting to lift it. Safety locks can come in different forms, such as screw locks that require a screwdriver to unlock, or a bar or string lock. 


Step 4 – Unscrew The Mount

After you have safely removed your TV from its installed TV wall mount and placed it facedown on a flat surface, you can proceed to detach the mount bracket from the back of the TV. Unscrew the wall mount that was bolted or screwed onto the wall. Now you have successfully dismantled your TV mount.


Step 5 – Fill In The Holes

After removing your old TV bracket, it’s crucial to fill in the holes and gaps left behind. Leaving them unfilled can mar the aesthetics of your living space and make it difficult to install a new bracket properly. Using spackling or putty is an easy DIY solution that can save you money on professional repairs. However, if you are also planning to install your TV bracket on your own, following a step-by-step guide to DIY TV bracket installation would be a great help.

Filling the holes is also essential for safety reasons. Holes left unfilled can accumulate dust and debris, causing damage to your TV and creating a fire hazard. Taking the time to fill in the holes after removing the old bracket ensures a clean slate for installing your new TV bracket.


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Removing your old TV bracket can be a tricky process, but it is necessary to ensure a smooth installation of your new one. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily remove your old bracket without causing damage to the wall or your TV. Remember to disconnect all wires, remove protective components, detach the TV from the mount, unscrew the mount, and fill in any holes. If you need professional help with installing your new TV bracket, contact Vigor TV Bracket Singapore for reliable services and quality products. They have a team of experts who will ensure that your new bracket is installed correctly and securely.


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