9 Tips To Know For DIY TV Bracket Installation


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While it is best to hire a professional TV bracket installation service, the TV buyer should also be aware of the best practices to ensure that the TV is properly installed on a TV bracket. The following are some important tips for properly installing a TV bracket:


Know Where To Install Your TV Bracket

The TV buyer should first choose where to install their TV bracket. The TV is often the focal point of the room, so it should be installed in such a way that everyone can see it. The owner should also make sure that sunlight does not shine on the wall where the TV is installed, as glare will degrade picture quality. Homeowners who are installing a swivel or tilt TV bracket should also consider the movement range of the bracket. This can ensure optimal viewing experience while preventing it from being a safety hazard.

Check Your TV’s Height and VESA Pattern 

The ideal height for a TV mount is typically 42 inches from the floor to the centre of your television. However, this can also be affected by your height when sitting on the couch. It is also critical to verify the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) pattern for the installed TV. The VESA pattern specifies the standard distance between the four mounting holes on the back of a television. The TV buyer should ensure that the TV bracket they choose has the same VESA pattern as the TV.


Make Sure You Have The Right Bracket Type


A suitable type of bracket should be chosen based on the location of the TV and the level of flexibility required. When the TV is the focal point of the room, fixed brackets are recommended. When the angle of the TV must be changed, tilt brackets are more ideal. A movable bracket with a single arm for small TVs and a bracket with double arms for larger TVs can be used for maximum flexibility.


Check What Type of Wall You Have

Before mounting the TV, it is crucial to learn what material of the wall that you intend to install the TV bracket on. A partition wall with a hollow interior may not be able to sustain the combined weight of the TV and the bracket. When this happens, the TV may fall off the wall, resulting in damage and possibly severe injuries. This is one of the mistakes you should avoid when mounting a TV in Singapore


Use The Correct Anchors If You Are Mounting On A Drywall 


The internal partition walls in a new BTO apartment are built of a drywall system. To securely mount the TV bracket onto these walls, heavy-duty anchors are necessary. One of the reasons why you should engage a professional in installing your TV bracket is because they will come equipped with the necessary materials. They will also be able to identify and avoid areas with concealed electrical wiring when installing the TV bracket. 


Make Sure The Bracket and TV Are Levelled

There are several common issues when installing a TV bracket. One of these is despite being properly measured, the mounted TV ends up being slightly slanted. This results in having to remount the TV in a different location. It may even cause the TV to fall after some time because of an imbalance in weight distribution. To ensure that the TV will be level to the floor, you may use a plumb line or spirit level.


Make Sure To Hide Your TV Cables

There are numerous advantages of installing TV brackets, one of which being the neat presentation. A key part to establishing this aesthetically pleasing look is the concealment of the wires. As such, make sure to install your TV brackets in such a way that can allow you to conceal and cable manage efficiently. Extra care should be afforded to movable TV brackets to account for the change in the TV position.


Call A TV Bracket Professional 


The installation of a TV is a fairly complex task for most people who have no prior experience. Although many TV owners believe that they can save time and money by doing it themselves after watching videos online, they may even spend more if they damage the TV. As a result, it is best to hire professional TV bracket installation services to get the best quality of installation. You may check Vigor TV Bracket’s previous projects to see more of the high-quality TV bracket installation service they offer. 


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DIY TV installation is a complicated task for someone who is not knowledgeable about installing TV brackets. These 9 tips give you the thing to remember when installing a TV bracket on your own. In a nutshell, you need to consider the following variables: location, height, bracket type, wall type, wall anchor, and professional guidance. Expert TV bracket installers like Vigor TV Bracket can ensure that these are all done correctly and professionally. You may contact us to enjoy our excellent TV bracket installation service. 


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