A Step By Step Guide To DIY TV Bracket Installation


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Some people wish to install their TV bracket themselves to save time and money. Besides that, they would like to mount their newly purchased television so they could start using it immediately. However, while many homeowners are aware that installing the right type of TV bracket on the wall is needed to mount their television, they are often not aware of the exact procedure or tools needed for doing so. 

If you wish to perform a TV bracket installation yourself, here is a step by step guide to help you:


Choose Where You Want To Install Your TV Bracket

You’ll first need to choose the room where you’ll install a TV bracket to mount your newly purchased television. Most people prefer to mount their TV in the living room for family members and visitors to watch comfortably. In some cases, the TV bracket may be installed in the bedroom or kitchen instead. 

After choosing the room where you want to install your TV bracket, select the wall and exact location to install the TV bracket and mount your television. Ideally, the TV should not be exposed to sunlight as it causes glare. It is also important to ensure that the wall selected for the TV bracket has wall studs to carry the weight of the TV. Failing to do this – is a mistake you should avoid when mounting a TV.


Locate The Wall Studs and Mark Your TVs Dimensions 


In Singapore, most homes have wall studs that are strong enough for installing many popular types of TV brackets. Usually, a stud finder or locator is used to determine the exact location of the wall studs. In case wall studs are not found, additional reinforcements may be necessary. Larger televisions may need to be mounted on two wall studs so their weight is well distributed. After the wall studs have been located, use a pencil to mark their exact location. The dimensions of the television should also be marked on the wall to help prevent any common TV bracket installation issues.


Mark The Position of The TV Bracket 

Using a pencil or any other marker, mark the exact position on the wall where you want your TV bracket to be installed so that holes can be drilled accordingly. It is best to use a spirit level or other levelling device to ensure that the holes are marked at exactly the same level. If necessary, you can ask another family member to help in checking that the holes are properly aligned.  


Install The TV Bracket On The Wall 


Whether it’s a fixed TV bracket or swivel TV bracket, you should choose drill bits that are appropriate for the size of the bolts to be used for installing the bracket. Once this is done, start drilling holes at the position marked on the wall for the bracket. One tip for DIY TV bracket installation is to periodically check the position of the holes while drilling to ensure that they are aligned correctly. After the drilling is completed, use the bolts to fix the TV bracket to the wall tightly. It is recommended that washers also be used with the bolts so that they remain in place even if there are vibrations. 


Attach The Mounting Plate To The Back of The TV 


Attach the mounting plate of the TV bracket to the back of the television so that it can be fitted on the bracket. To ensure the safety of your TV bracket, see to it that the right amount of pressure is applied while tightening the screws so that they are fixed properly.


Mount The TV To The Wall


For the last step, mount the television on the wall following the manufacturer’s instructions. If a tilting or swivel TV bracket is used, there should be adequate clearance. For larger and heavier TVs, more people may be required to help in the installation of the TV bracket. The cables and wires should also be neatly arranged behind the TV to prevent any issues.


Engage Vigor TV Bracket Singapore For Reliable TV Bracket Installation Services 

Many television owners do not have stud finders and drilling machines to install a TV bracket on their own. In this case, consider it a reason to engage a professional TV bracket installer like Vigor TV Bracket Singapore. Our skilled and experienced team has performed numerous TV bracket installation works as seen in our portfolio. Thus, they can install your TV bracket efficiently and securely.



When performing a DIY TV bracket installation, there are numerous steps you need to follow so you can fully enjoy the advantages of installing a TV bracket. First, choose where you want to install your TV bracket. It’s important that your chosen location doesn’t expose your television to glare. After that, locate the wall studs and mark your television’s dimensions as well as the position of the bracket. You can then proceed to install the TV bracket on the wall and attach the mounting plate to the back of the television. Finally, mount your television to the wall based on the manufacturer’s instructions. In case you have difficulty with any of these steps, contact Vigor TV Bracket for TV bracket services.  


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