Are TV Brackets Safe?


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A television is a common appliance you can find in most Singaporean homes. A few decades ago, most TV sets were heavy and were usually placed on a flat surface or inside a TV cabinet. Nowadays, however, most televisions are designed to be mounted on the wall using any type of TV bracket. Many TV buyers wonder whether using a TV bracket is safe due to concerns about damage to television or walls. Some of the reasons why installing a TV bracket is safe are discussed below. 



TV Brackets Are More Secure


When a television is placed on a table or inside a TV cabinet, it can be easily accessed by small children and pets. They may end up moving or jumping on the TV which can cause significant damage. In some cases, the TV may even topple over and cause injuries. Hence, it is advisable to use a fixed TV bracket to mount the television on the wall at a secure height. In addition to saving space, this will prevent any damage caused by children and pets. However, make sure that it is properly installed to prevent any TV bracket installation issues.

TV Brackets Ensure Better Cable Management


Usually, a large number of gadgets are connected to the TV using cables. If the TV is kept on a stand at a low height, children and pets may tamper with the cables and severely damage them. Another issue with cables is that they can clutter the area around the TV. Fortunately, a TV bracket installation can resolve these. 

One of the advantages of installing a TV bracket in Singapore is that all cables will be more neatly organized. It will also be easier to route the cables to the power sockets. Furthermore, since the cables will be hidden, the possibility of damage due to tampering will be greatly reduced. A TV bracket is also safe and will allow you to adjust the position of your television so that technicians or other family members can access the cables and connectors when necessary.

TV Brackets Are Built To Support Most Flat Screen TVs


TV manufacturers have increasingly been realizing that buyers prefer to engage TV wall mount installation services to mount their television on the wall to save space and for safety reasons. Hence, they are designing flat screen TVs that are lighter in weight so that they can be handled and installed more easily. The latest flat-screen TVs have mounting holes in standardized patterns called VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) patterns. This ensures that the television is compatible with the build and design of any TV bracket – be it a fixed or tilt TV bracket

Professional Installation Service Quality

While families may invest their money to purchase the best TV they can afford, they can only enjoy it if it is properly installed. To engage quality TV bracket installation services, it’s advised to contact Vigor TV Bracket. Our well-trained technicians will guide you on which TV bracket you need for your television. The equipment and experience they have also meant that they can install your TV bracket efficiently and safely. 



Installing any popular type of TV bracket is safe as they prevent your television from toppling or moving by being mounted on the wall. They also ensure that your TV cables are more neatly organized and hidden from possible tampering. Moreover, TV brackets such as swivel TV brackets that enable you to reposition your television more easily so you have better access to your cables. Lastly, you won’t have to worry much about potential damage to your television since most brackets are universal and can support many of the flat screen TVs sold in the market today. It is recommended to engage professional TV bracket installation services to ensure that your TV bracket is installed properly and securely.


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