Do All TV Brackets Fit All TVs?


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Since watching television is one of the most popular and affordable entertainment options for many people living in Singapore, a lot of homeowners are investing in purchasing the best TV they can afford. At the same time, they are interested in installing a TV bracket to mount their television in an effort to save space. Buyers might not be familiar with using a TV bracket and would like to find out if it is suitable for all types of televisions. 

Like most other appliances, a TV bracket should be chosen based on the model and specifications of the television it’s supposed to mount. Other main factors that should be considered when choosing any type of TV bracket are listed below. 


TV Screen Size 


The first thing to consider before installing any popular type of TV bracket in Singapore is the dimensions of your television. This is because there are limitations on the television size that a TV bracket can support. Fortunately, this size is usually specified (often in inches) and specifically covers the diagonal length of the TV screen from one corner of the screen to another. 

A TV bracket is safe for as long as it is slightly larger than your television to avoid any issues during installation. While it is possible to use a larger TV bracket for a much smaller TV, it can be a waste of money since the cost of the TV bracket will increase proportionately based on its size. 


TV Weight


Whether you decide to buy a fixed or swivel TV bracket, it is always important to check how much your television weighs before making a final purchase. A television’s weight is often specified in its packaging or manual and may vary based on the brand, model number, and manufacturer. Likewise, a fixed bracket’s load bearing capacity can differ from a tilt TV bracket depending on the type and thickness of the material used and the design of the bracket itself.


VESA Pattern


When choosing the best type of TV bracket for your television, be aware that newer television models have four holes at the back used for mounting it to the wall. Since there are many TV manufacturers, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has standardized the distances between these holes. This helps in preventing any common TV bracket installation issues.

In some cases, TVs made by brands like Sharp, Samsung and Sony have a square VESA pattern whose holes are equally distanced both horizontally and vertically. Other brands like Toshiba use a rectangular VESA pattern which consists of holes whose horizontal distance is greater than their vertical distance. Either way, you’ll have multiple options for your planned TV bracket installation as most TV bracket manufacturers ensure that their products can be used for popular television models. 


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Failing to install your TV bracket properly can lead to numerous issues in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a reputed TV Bracket installer such as Vigor TV Bracket. Our well-trained staff has performed many TV bracket installation works in Singapore. We also have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best TV bracket for your home and efficiently perform TV bracket and TV wall mount installation services. We will also make sure to inspect your bracket after installation to ensure that it is properly installed and secure.



Before choosing to install a TV bracket for your television, be sure to check the latter’s size and weight. Take note that there are limitations to the length a specific bracket can support. Similarly, it can only support televisions of a certain weight range. Besides your television’s size and weight, be sure to also check the VESA pattern on its rear portion to see if it matches the one on the bracket regardless of whether it’s a fixed bracket or adjustable/movable TV bracket. You need not worry too much about this though as many TV brackets can support televisions with different VESA patterns. If you need help in identifying the right TV Bracket for your TV, it is recommended to engage professional TV Bracket installation services.


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