How To Find Which TV Bracket Do You Need For Your TV?


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Homeowners that invest heavily in the best TV they can afford will usually want to make sure that they are using the correct TV wall mount for the installation. One reason you should engage a professional to install your TV bracket is because most people do not know much about TV Bracket selection and installation, so it is best to leave it up to them. Some of the options available to a TV buyer for purchasing a TV Bracket Singapore are discussed below along with advice on how to get the TV bracket properly installed. 


TV Bracket Types

Pros & Cons of Fixed TV Bracket

A fixed TV bracket is the easiest TV bracket design and is recommended for those who are unlikely to change the position of the TV. The fixed bracket is ideal if one intends to install his/her TV near the center of the wall. This TV bracket is used to fit the TV close to the wall, so that it looks like it is part of the wall. Due to the simplicity of design, a fixed bracket is also far cheaper. However, once the TV is mounted on the wall using the mounting bracket, it will be difficult to adjust the position of the TV. As a result, it can be difficult to reach and manage the TV cables unless special cable routing is done prior to installation.


Pros & Cons of Tilting TV Bracket

The TV is installed with a tilt TV bracket, which allows users to adjust the angle of the TV screen according to their needs to watch TV programs correctly. The angle at which the user can tilt the screen will vary depending on the TV bracket chosen. This option is recommended when the family members or others are viewing the TV when they are sitting on the floor or sleeping, to view the TV properly. It is also recommended if the TV is mounted at a height closer to the ceiling due to lack of space. Tilt mounts are affordable, usually slightly more expensive than fixed mounts, and the connectors are easier to use. However, the flexibility to move horizontally is limited 


Pros & Cons of Swivel TV Bracket 


Often there is only one TV in the house or large room, and people in other parts of the room or other rooms want to be able to watch TV normally. In this case, it is better to choose a swivel TV bracket, which gives the user more flexibility to change the position and orientation of the TV. In addition to adjusting the angle of the TV like a tilting bracket, the full-motion bracket also allows users to move the TV horizontally and vertically. The length of the arm of the full-motion bracket determines the extent to which the position can be adjusted. This TV bracket has the most complicated design and is therefore the most expensive. 


How To Pick The Right TV Bracket

Measure TV Size


If you want to know which TV bracket you need for your TV, you must first know your TV’s size. Since there are so many different sizes of TVs to choose from, TV brackets are also available in a variety of sizes. Typically, for installation purposes, the size of a TV is the length of the screen measured diagonally from one corner to the other. The TV bracket manufacturer will usually specify the TV size for which the bracket has been designed, and if a suitable bracket is not available for a specific TV size, the TV buyer can choose a slightly larger TV bracket. Therefore, if you are wondering whether all TV brackets fit all TVs, the answer is no. If a small TV bracket is used with a large TV, the installation will not be stable, and may fall off after some time. 



Another tip to know for DIY TV bracket installation is to consider the weight of the TV in choosing your TV bracket. It is important to choose the right TV bracket size according to the size of the TV, so that the weight of the TV is evenly distributed on the TV bracket and fastened properly. With the weight varying from a few kg to more than 50 kg for larger TV models. Most top TV brands will clearly state the weight of the TV model in the packaging and instruction manual. This information should be used in choosing a TV mount, as the thickness, design, securing arrangement and method of metal will vary by weight. For heavier TVs, the TV bracket used will be fastened to two studs for greater support, and thicker gauge steel will be used to make the bracket.


VESA pattern

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standardizes the size of the hole on the back of the TV for mounting the TV on the wall. For smaller size TVs, the horizontal and vertical distance between the 4 holes may be smaller at 75mm X 75mm and increase to 400mm X 400mm for larger TV sizes available. The mounting holes on the TV bracket should match the VESA pattern for the TV for which it will be used to avoid common issues when installing a TV bracket. In addition to size and weight, a TV bracket seller will also specify a VESA pattern for the TV bracket he sells. 


Engage Vigor TV Bracket Installation Services


Individuals and families who are planning to install their TV with a TV bracket for the first time should hire the services of Vigor TV. Our staff can help in the selection of the right TV bracket and proper installation at the most suitable location. We also have installed TVs of different sizes and brands for a large number of customers in Singapore and are equipped with the best tools and supplies for TV bracket installation. Therefore, we can complete all types of TV bracket installations safely, quickly, and affordably. 



Knowing which TV bracket to purchase for your TV is important to avoid any future inconveniences. In order to avoid TV bracket installation issues, you first have to determine which type of TV Bracket to choose, then you must know the size of your TV, weight and VESA pattern. Some homeowners want to go for step by step guides to DIY TV bracket installation, but for first timers it is best to leave it to the professionals like Vigor TV Bracket Singapore to avoid unwanted accidents in the future. 

Vigor TV Bracket Singapore provides homes with a one-stop supply and installation of the highest quality and most premium TV bracket products like fixed TV brackets, tilting TV brackets, swivel TV brackets, and adjustable/movable TV brackets. Our professional and well-trained team of handymen will make sure that your TV bracket installation and TV wall mount installation is handled perfectly. We offer island-wide services with no hidden fees. Check out our articles and projects to have a wider view of our products and our installations. Contact us today or send us a WhatsApp message at +65 8241 0032.


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