Ultimate Guide on Choosing The Right TV Wall Mount To Install


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To save floor space, homeowners often will prefer to install a TV bracket on the wall to mount their TVs instead of using a TV stand. To ensure that the TV wall mount installation is done properly, it is necessary to choose the right TV bracket and a competent professional to install it. There are a large number of types of TV brackets to choose from, all in different sizes, designs, and models to also cater to the variety of TVs that are available. 

The key factors that should be considered when choosing a TV bracket are discussed below.


Check Your TV’s Size and Weight

Each TV bracket is designed for different sizes and weights of TVs. In order to know what tv wall mount to install, its imperative for the buyer to find out the physical specifications of the TV purchased. Usually, this information is available in product packaging as well as the TV’s user manual. If the TV weighs more, then a more robust TV bracket using thicker material will be required to carry it without being deformed. This is why TV wall mounts are not universal.


Type of TV Wall Mount 

There are four different types of TV mounts available and the buyer should choose the right type depending on their needs. 

Fixed TV Wall Mount 

A fixed TV bracket or mount is recommended if it is not necessary to change the position of the TV later. If you are wondering where to install your TV bracket, it is advisable to where it is optimal since it cannot be readjusted. These fixed brackets tend to be cheap, as their orientation can’t be adjusted once it is installed. It is advisable to connect the necessary cables before installing the TV, as there is less space between the TV and the wall. 

Swivel TV Wall Mount 

Installing a TV wall mount is better compared to a TV stand because it provides more design flexibility. Swivel TV brackets allow the users to adjust the height of the TV vertically as required making it more comfortable and convenient.

Tilting TV Wall Mount 

A tilt TV bracket is often preferred if the owners are watching the TV from a certain angle. This is because the users can adjust the viewing angle at their convenience. For example, if a TV is installed at a height or the user is sitting on the floor, this bracket can be tilted downward and vice versa. As a result, a benefit of the tilting TV bracket is that it can help reduce distortion caused by the TV’s glare.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount 


In an adjustable/movable TV bracket also known as a full motion TV bracket, homeowners will never have to worry about where to install their TV bracket. This is because this type of bracket will allow the greatest flexibility in adjusting the position of the TV. This is done by bringing it forward or backward, vertically and horizontally, as well as adjusting the TV’s angle. Additionally, for heavier TVs, there will be two arms to carry its weight making this TV bracket safe for all types of TVs.


Size of TV Wall Mount 

It is important to ensure that the holes on the TV mount and the TV have the same spacing. The Video Electronics Standard Association or VESA, has defined the dimensions and locations of the holes in a TV bracket to match the size of the TV. Therefore, be sure to check with a TV bracket professional to find out which type of TV bracket you need for your TV.


The Wall Where You Are Planning To Install Your TV Wall Mount

Wall studs are vertical pieces of wood that support your walls. Since a TV is fairly heavy, therefore it is recommended to mount it on one or more wall studs. A stud finder can be used to locate studs, and the seller of the TV bracket provides installation instructions. This is a case of why you should engage a professional TV bracket service for a TV bracket installation.


Optimal Viewing Angle 

A mistake to avoid when mounting a TV is it is put at a height that is not within 30-40 degrees of the viewer’s vision. A reason why you should mount your TV at this height is to ensure comfort and to avoid straining the neck, and the eyes as well. 


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Choosing the right TV wall mount to install will ultimately depend on the user’s needs. To find the right type, the most important factor among the things to know when buying a TV wall mount is the physical specifications of the TV and bracket. Additionally, it is best to choose a reliable professional for any TV bracket services, and also for TV brackets themselves to ensure quality. If you are looking for a reliable TV bracket service, it will be good to look out for their portfolio and reviews from their customers.


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