What Is The Best Type Of TV Bracket In Singapore?


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Most homes in Singapore have limited floor space, which is why homeowners tend to prefer installing their TV on the wall to save space. There are 3 most popular types of TV brackets In Singapore and homeowners must choose which is best for their home. Since many people are buying a TV wall bracket for the first time, they want to find the best TV bracket in Singapore. There are different types of TV brackets to choose from. Before purchasing one, there are things you must consider: the popular designs of TV brackets, their advantages, disadvantages, and applications are discussed below.


TV Bracket Types

Pros and Cons of Fixed TV Bracket


The main advantage of installing a TV bracket In Singapore, specifically the fixed TV bracket, is its simple design of the bracket, so the cost is lower compared to other TV brackets. It is also easy to install the bracket on the wall and fix the TV on the bracket. However, the main disadvantage of using a fixed TV bracket to mount the TV is that the position of the TV cannot be changed after it is installed. The TV cannot be tilted and it is not possible to move it horizontally or vertically. The fixed position also makes it difficult to move the cables and wires behind the TV.


Pros and Cons of Tilt TV Bracket


The main benefit of installing a tilt TV bracket is that the viewing angle of the TV can be easily adjusted according to the user’s requirements. The tilting angle will vary depending on the TV bracket model which is selected. The cables are also more easily accessible compared to a fixed bracket. However, it is not possible to change the position of the TV vertically or horizontally with this bracket. The tilt bracket is also slightly more expensive and harder to install than a fixed bracket.


Pros and Cons of Swivel TV Bracket

The swivel TV bracket allows the user to move the TV’s position horizontally or vertically. In some cases, the swivel function can also be used in conjunction with the tilt function of the TV bracket so that the user can adjust the position and viewing angle. There is also more space for cable access. There are factors that can affect TV bracket installation cost and it varies depending on the design and features of a specific model of the swivel bracket, but it is usually more expensive than a tilt or fixed bracket for a TV. 


TV Bracket Best Fit Scenarios

Fixed TV Bracket 

If the location of the TV is fixed, experts recommend installing a fixed TV bracket to mount the TV. The Fixing Bracket is the best TV wall mount for Smart Flat TV, it is fixed in the center of the room and can be seen by everyone in the room. If the TV buyer is confident that he will not be changing the position of the TV often and does not need access to the cables frequently, then he should consider a fixed TV bracket installation since it is compact and affordably priced. 


Tilt TV Bracket 

One common issue when installing a TV bracket is not being able to change the TV’s angle. When buyers or users want to change the viewing angle of the TV for better viewing and avoid neck strain, it is recommended to install a tiltable TV bracket. If reflections from lights and sunlight or glare interfere with TV viewing, this is the preferred wall mount option for the TV. This option is also preferred if the TV is installed at a height above the normal eye level in the bedroom or elsewhere or if people are sitting on the floor and viewing TV. 


Swivel TV Bracket 


If you are thinking of where to install your TV bracket and you decide it fits perfectly in the corner, the swivel TV bracket is the first choice because the bracket offers unlimited freedom of adjusting the position of the TV when it also includes the tilt feature. The Full Motion TV bracket is designed for easy adjustment and access to cables if required.



For homes with limited floor space, TV brackets are a good option. The first thing to consider is what type of TV bracket to purchase. There are three common types of TV brackets, it includes the fixed TV bracket, tilting TV bracket, and swivel TV bracket. If you are sure that you won’t be moving your TV, a fixed bracket is best. As for changing viewing angles, a tilting bracket is recommended. Then if you prefer a bracket where you want to easily access the wires as the back of the TV, a swivel TV bracket will be the right choice. Whatever type of TV bracket you choose, it is advisable to engage with a professional like Vigor TV Bracket Singapore to install it for you to avoid mistakes when mounting your TV in your Singapore home. 

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