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Where Should I Install My TV Bracket?


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Installing a TV bracket in the appropriate spot is the first step in mounting the TV on the wall. Before choosing a final position for the TV, it is advisable to consider the different factors relevant for TV bracket installation to avoid these common issues when installing a TV Bracket. Not doing so would be time-consuming and expensive as you try to change its location multiple times to find the right spot. The following is a discussion of some of the most crucial elements that should be considered: 


Factors To Consider When Deciding Where To Install Your TV Bracket



Are TV brackets safe? Safety is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations to assess. When mounting your TV, try not to install the TV bracket in a location where it interferes with your daily routine. If you are installing a swivel TV bracket, consider the motion range so that it does not become a safety hazard when fully extended. 




The TV should be installed at a place where you can comfortably view the TV without straining your neck. For example, when a TV is mounted below eye level, you would have to bend your neck downward when watching TV. This can lead to neck strains. In the event that you do not have a more suitable location to install your TV bracket, you can try to mitigate the issue with a different TV bracket type. Here is a guide to help you find which TV bracket you need for your TV


Wall Structure 

Though the painted walls may appear similar from the outside, there is a significant difference in the wall structure depending on the home’s construction. Some of the wall sections are hollow, allowing cables, pipes, and wiring to be concealed. One of the common issues of installing TV brackets occurs when trying to install the TV bracket on these hollow wall sections. The lack of structural support means that these hollow walls are usually not strong enough to support the weight of the TV. 


Factors to Consider When Installing TV Bracket Inside Various Rooms


Living Room 


The television is typically placed in the living room where family members and guests can watch it while lounging on the sofa. Height of the TV can be adjusted based on how the family commonly watches TV at home. You may also opt for a movable mount so anyone can adjust it to their preferred viewing angle. That’s just one of the advantages of installing a TV bracket



The TV is typically hung on the wall opposite the bed’s head in the bedroom. If family members prefer to watch TV while lying in bed, the TV should be placed at eye level. It is also recommended to install movable brackets so that the TV can be moved without drilling additional holes. While choosing bracket types is highly dependent on how you normally watch TV, you may also check out the best types of TV bracket used in Singapore.


Kitchen or Dining Room


It is best to keep the TV out of the kitchen to avoid damaging it from constant exposure to heat and humidity. It should be installed on the opposite side of the room at an elevated height. One should take extra care to avoid blocking access to the appliances that are positioned below the TV. Professionals can guide you to which places are advisable to put a TV or not. This is one of the reasons why you should engage a professional to install your TV bracket at home. 


Kids’ Playroom 

When installing a TV bracket in the playroom, you need to account for the child’s height. The TV is usually installed in a corner on a movable mount, allowing the position to be easily adjusted for the kids’ convenience. Playrooms can often be messy and full of kids. Mounting your TV does not only save you space, but it will also prevent kids from accidentally bumping into it. You can also learn more about the other reasons why you should mount your TV


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Aside from the different variables to consider when installing a TV bracket such as height and wall structure, finding the right location is also important. You can choose to install it in the living room, bedroom, playroom, or even bathroom if you want to watch TV while having a shower. Wherever you choose to put your TV, make sure to hire professional installers like Vigor TV Bracket to avoid these mistakes when mounting a TV


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